A long trip…

Shai Dublero is an Israeli chef who, after an exhaustive tour of international kitchens, met Maria and in 2015 put down roots in Esparreguera, at the foot of the mountains of Montserrat.

Shai has developed his skills by learning from the sources of one of the greats of French cuisine, Paul Bocuse.

In his hands, the flavours deserve all the respect of their origin, although Shai Dublero gives the recipes a 21st century patina of modernity, a modernity with the flavour of home cooking and tradition. Dublero plays an important role: extolling the simplicity of a traditional artisan cuisine by placing it in an advanced gastronomic line.

Shai‘s way of cooking and mise en place has all the gestures of a French bistro.

After his military service (3 years), he enrolled in economics at the University, but after two years he realised that his true vocation was cooking.

He has learnt at: Bouchon Leonais (Lyon), Paul Bocuse (Paris, 3 Michelin stars), Table des Guilloux (Luxembourg 1 Michelin star), Cipriani (London).

Before coming to the LÂL kitchen, he worked as a cook at Rafael (Tel Aviv), at Moulyam (Tel Aviv) as cook and pastry chef, at Toto (Tel Aviv) as cook, at Amichi (Tel Aviv) as chef, as executive chef at the Spagettin chain (Israel), as chef at Piazza (Tel Aviv) and at Social Club (Tel Aviv) again as chef.