The story of a bistro

The dream of having my own restaurant was close at hand…

After living and working in different cities around the world, getting to know their cultures and traditions. My passion for cooking and the desire to create my own project in the place where I was born, where I could concentrate my life experience, was the beginning of LÂL bistrot.

LÂL, is the name of my beautiful goddaughter.
LÂL, is a Turkish word meaning burgundy, the colour of red wine.
LÂL, opened its doors in October 2010.

LÂL, is a creative, generous, colourful formula and a staunch defender of top quality, fresh and seasonal ingredients.

A restaurant where the main focus is on the product, good service, relaxation and speed, and a warmth typical of the bistro spirit: close but at a distance.

L L offers an intimate atmosphere with a very Parisian décor, as eclectic as it is full of details, with lights and shadows that make it even more attractive, enveloping dinners and making them feel like guests in the home of a friend, who is a natural host for whom details count for a lot.